Day 1

A Little Girl's Request

The group of friends Tasslehoff, Kharazim, Horus, and Odid were hanging out in the Clammed Clam when they decided to go on an adventure. As soon as they left the building they met this small human girl who had a request. During the conversation with the girl whose name they learned was Sally, her goat named Billy went missing and the group decided to help. Meanwhile Kharazim may have developed some feelings for Sally.

On their way to find the goat, they find some tracks and follow them. They then got ambushed by a wolf which Kharazim tamed somewhat. When they found the goat, it was being attacked by two wolves and the newly named Rubert the wolf betrayed the group and went after the goat as well. The group slaughtered the wolves and a few monkeys that also decided to join saving Billy the goat. They brought Billy back to Cheridale and gave it back to Sally who was so happy to see Billy that she rewarded the group with three gold pieces. Most of the party goes back to the Clammed Clam which is where they are staying. While Kharazim goes about the town to look for a tailor, after a brief awkward conversation with Sally, he finds Talor the tailor who is unwilling to make a coat with the dead body of Rubert. Talor tells him to go find the local hunter. After running away from another potential encounter with Sally, Kharazim runs into the local hunter. They have a brief conversation about skinning Rubert for a coat and the hunter says he will be ready in the morning. So Kharazim goes back to the Clammed Clam to retire for the night.


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